Commission a Painting

Anouk Jonker is a Dutch, Vicoria-based artist that has been accepting commission work for over ten years. She will work with you to discuss the different options involving your painting, so that you have a unique piece of art customized to you and your home. This includes the size, colour, and personality of the piece. Anouk is able to work from life, or from photographs provided by you or taken by the artist herself. Standard pricing samples for a painting or single portrait:

16” x 20” – $450.00 CAD

24” x 30” – $860.00 CAD

30” x 36” – $1100.00 CAD

Prices scaled to size. For quotes on custom sizes or a group portrait, please contact the artist. Fees for commissioned work are paid 50% deposit upfront, and the balance is due upon the completion of the painting. 

For a more extensive portraiture portfolio, please contact the artist.

Gifting a portrait

If you are interested in commissioning a painting as a gift, then the full balance is due upon purchase of the voucher. However, it is 100% refundable if unused or if unclaimed within one year of purchase.

Discreet and intimate portraits also available
Custom pencil drawings come in standard and custom sizes
Any subject matter can be commissioned, including animals and houses

For more information, contact the artist at